Guided Madeira Island Walks

We offer a variety of madeira walks all across the island.

Madeira Levada Walks

Full day levada walks

  1. Rabaçal
  2. The Lakes
  3. Caldeirão Verde
  4. Ribeiro Frio
  5. Kings
  6. Prazeres
  7. Encumeada

Full day mountain walks

  1. Pico do Arieiro
  2. Ponta de São Lourenço

Half day levadas

  1. Gaula
  2. Referta
  3. Maroços
  4. Quinta Grande
  5. Paradise Valley
  6. Nuns Valley

Mixed Walking Packages

1. Two full days + one half day
2. Three full days
3. Two full days + Jeep tour
4. Three day mix of walks & tour

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Welcome to Madeira Walks

In association with Madeira Seekers we offer walks, tours or a combination of the two, both by minbus or jeep.

We cater for individuals and groups. We offer discounted prices in terms of packages. We also offer custom made packages. So have a look what is on offer, tell us what you want and we will organise a package for you.

View our Madeira Price list.

Full Day Walks

Dreamweaver CS3Madeira full day walks can be found on all parts of the island. The majority being classified as medium level walks, can be found deep inside the Laurisliva forest. We also have fantastic mountain walks like the Pico Arieiro to the Pico Ruivo mountain hike. The walking times vary between 3 to 5 hours and we always stop for a 30 - 40 minute picnic.

Different walks are offered at diferent days of the week.

View our Full Day Walks.


Half Day Walks

A Laptop ComputerMadeira half day walks are meant to be for everybody. From the very young to the young at heart. Most of these walks are completely flat and the walking time varies between 2 to 3 hours.

Again we have walks that are spread all over the island. The majority of these walks are done on Sunday but we do also have some available during the week.

View our Half Day Walks.

Package Walks

We are aware that the majority of tourists would like to do more then one walk or a mixcture of both walks and tours. That is why we have come up with various packages that will actually save you alot of money. We have set up most of the packages to give you a chance to experience the best walsk we have on offer and at the same time get to see all the different parts of the island. We also offer custom made packages.You make up the tours and walks which appeal to you and we will work out a package for you to save you money. We offer our packages to both groups and individuals.

View our Half Day Walks.

Walking Holidays

Walking and hiking in Madeira is fast becoming world famous due to a unique ambiance, one experiences. Not only do we have the volcanic mountains but also the cliffs and the biggest Laurisilva forest in the world where the scenery is second to none. We cater for everyones taste and needs when it comes to accommodation, weather it is for large groups or individuals. so join us on this trek acroos the island where you will find yourself becoming addicted to the heady mix of exercise, our scenery. the history behind it and the fascinating ecosystems within it.

We offer several different tours, each unique. The benefit of the hiking and walking tours is that you can leave behind the large backpacks and enjoy the splendor of Madeira and its scenic Levada walks.

Madeira Walks Unique

Some of the reasons Madeira Walks are so popular:

  • Most Madeira walks are deep in the lush vegetation of Europes oldest and biggest Laurel Forest.
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